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Food & Agri Competition

With a growing global population and changes in food production and environments, it's becoming clear that our current production models are in need of revision if the community is to maintain a sustainable method of food production and agricultural activities. Solutions in food production, water treatment and sustainable agricultural processes are needed.

Unknown Group is committed, together with industry leaders, to find the most promising solutions and give them a stage to showcase their innovations. The Food & Agri Competition 2020 aims to find the most promising startups that will beat the challenge.

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The Food & Agri Competition is hosted by Unknown Group. Together with industry partners we aim to find the most promising solutions for Food & Agriculture challenges. The competition aims to give these startups a stage to prove their solution and beat the challenge.

Discover where to find the most promising startups for Food & Agri Competition



New York

San Francisco

Tel Aviv


Discover where to find the most promising startups for the Food & Agri Competition

Food & Agri Competition Startups Winners

In every challenge and event, startups who prove their potential and beat the challenge become the winners. We believe these startups from around the world are heroes for what they try to achieve with their innovations.

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