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Clean Energy Competition

At Unknown Group we recognize the changes coming forth from the current energy transition into a more sustainable and renewable model. We believe that a renewable, clean method of energy production will be able to sustain the growing power demand of the global community.

Simultaneously, the challenge in this transition lies in sustainable production, more efficient storage and reliable access to and distribution of energy. Production with sustainable materials and finding new solutions to recycle and reuse them are key in achieving a more sustainable energy production and distribution model.

Affordable & Clean Energy
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Climate Action

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Discover where to find the most promising startups for Clean Energy Competition

Discover where to find the most promising startups for the Clean Energy Competition

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Clean Energy Competition Startups Winners

In every challenge and event, startups who prove their potential and beat the challenge become the winners. We believe these startups from around the world are heroes for what they try to achieve with their innovations.

Clean Energy Competition Challenges

Looking for an opportunity to scale? Join us and our partners to beat the following challenges: